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【a8体育直播在线观看】HONG KONG — China is one of the world’s most dangerous Internet environments, with risks including government-sponsored online attacks, piracy and malware. Thomas Parenty, a former National Security Agency official who runs a security consulting firm, offered his views on how to ensure that devices and personal information stay safe in China. Here are excerpts.香港——中国具有世界上最危险性的互联网环境之一,风险还包括政府反对的网络攻击不道德、正版和恶意软件。前美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)官员托马斯·帕朗蒂(Thomas Parenty)目前经营着一家安全性咨询公司,对于如何在中国保证设备和个人信息的安全性,他明确提出了一些建议,节录如下。What’s the biggest threat for foreign firms in China?外国企业在中国遭到的仅次于威胁是什么?The biggest danger for companies comes from insiders: local staff, suppliers or partners. What really makes the biggest impact on Western companies is they share key information with local partners with whom they cooperate without taking adequate precautions regarding digital control over that information.企业仅次于的危险性来自于内部:本地的员工、供应商或合作伙伴。

对西方企业影响仅次于的因素,就是与当地合作伙伴共享关键信息,却没采行充份的防范措施,管控这些数字信息。What kind of mistakes do you see people making in trying to be secure in China?你实在人们在中国企图维护信息安全时,不会犯有怎样的错误?During sensitive meetings, organizers will sometimes insist that participants remove the SIM cards or batteries from their mobile phones because they have heard that hackers can use mobile phones to spy on meetings. But then everyone has a laptop in front of them, and the laptops are probablya8体育直播在线观看 more susceptible. So people address the smaller risk while neglecting the bigger risk.在内容脆弱的会议中,主办方有时不会拒绝与会者将手机中的SIM卡或电池放入,因为他们听闻黑客可以通过手机来监听会议。


If you’re going on a business trip to China, what kind of precautions should be taken?如果你到中国公干,不会采行什么样的预防措施呢?Update all your software before you leave home. Then when you’re in China, don’t update any of your software.在离家之前改版所有软件。当你在中国时,就不要再行改版任何软件了。You should also enable whole disk encryption on all your devices. IOS and Android have it for smartphones, and Windows and Mac have it built in for computers.你也应当在所有设备上打开全盘加密。

iOS和Android智能手机上有这个功能,Windows和Mac电脑里也内置了这个功能。If you want to be extra paranoid, you can set a firmware or BIOS password. That makes it more difficult for someone who has access to your computer, for example, in your hotel room, to boot your computer from a USB drive and bypass the encryption.如果你仍不安心,还可以设置一个固件或BIOS密码。

这样一来,如果有人可以认识到你的电脑,例如在你的酒店房间里,那么他要利用USB驱动器启动你的电脑,跨过加密层才讫,那样就不会更加艰难Switching gears, you also want to make sure you have a VPN service that will protect you from anyone snooping on you in an airport lounge or hotel hot spot. A helpful list of personal VPNs currently working in China is at greycoder.com.此外,你还必须一个VPN服务。关上VPN之后,别人就无法在机场贵宾室或通过酒店热点,来窥视你的信息了。你可以在greycoder.com上寻找目前在中国可以用于的个人VPN列表。-a8体育直播在线观看。