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a8体育直播在线观看:百度小鱼在家达成战略合作 推出人工智能数字助理

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a8体育直播在线观看_Chinese search giant Baidu has unveiled an AI digital assistant.中国搜索引擎巨头百度于日前公布了一款人工智能数字助理。Xiaoyu Zaijia - or Little Fish - responds to voice commands using a combination of pictures, text and speech. Unlike many rival AIs it is dependant on a touchscreen.和许多同行竞争对手倚赖触屏有所不同,这款小鱼在家机器人能融合图像、文字和语言对此声音指令。It can answer questions, find local services, play music, make video calls and control smart home devices.它不具备问问题、找寻本地服务、播出音乐、视频通话和掌控智能家居设备等功能。Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng said that artificial intelligence is the new electricity.百度首席技术官吴恩达回应,人工智能是一项“新的电子革命”。


AI has been growing steadily, he told the BBC at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. Those of us on the inside feel the acceleration now but we have been feeling it for the last decade.在拉斯维加斯举行的2017国际消费类电子展上,吴恩达向BBC透漏:“人工智能技术仍然在稳步增长。我们这些人的内心现在就能感受到过去10年来的那种较慢发展。

”Just as 100 years ago the electrification of our society transformed industry after industry, I think AI tech has now reached that stage.“正如100年前社会电气化为各行各业带给了变革一样,我指出人工智能技术现在也到了这个阶段。”Existing digital assistants such as the Amazons Alexa and Google Assistant are not screen-dependant but can be used by voice alone. Apples Siri, however, continues to rely on a display to provide some of its information.当前市场上的一些数字助理,比如亚马逊的Alexa和谷歌助理并不具有摄像头,不能用声音对话。


不过,苹果的Siri仍是依赖显示器获取一些信息。Little Fish will launch initially in China in March 2017 and currently only recognises Chinese languages. Baidu has not yet set a price.小鱼在家机器人预计最先将于今年3月在中国发售,目前不能辨识中文。百度方面仍未确认其售价。