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a8体育直播在线观看:For some, it may only seem like yesterday that pagers, cassette tapes and floppy disks were everyday items.对有些人来说,寻呼机,磁带,软盘这些常用之物好像还是昨天的事情。But for millenials, these 1990s technologies are completely alien.但是对于千禧一代,也就是90后来说道,这些究竟是什么鬼,几乎没有见过。

So alien, in fact, that a new study has found that two thirds of 6-18-year-olds dont know what a floppy disk is and nearly half have never heard of a cassette tape.之所以这么说道,也不是空穴来风,根据近期的一项研究指出,有三分之二年龄在6-18岁的青少年听闻过软盘的人只有一半,他们根本都没听闻过磁带。And although they were widespread in schools in the 1990s, today 71 per cent of children are unfamiliar with overhead projectors.在20世纪90年代,那时在学校司空见惯的高射投影仪,现在也有71%的学生几乎不理解。

Researchers at YouGov showed 2,011 children photographs of different technologies and asked them to name each one.[en]在YouGov研究者们向2011名儿童展出了有所不同科技产品的图片,然后让他们辨识。[en]If they thought they knew what it was, they were asked to write down its name.如果他们实在自己了解这个产品,就拒绝他们写该产品的名称。The results showed around two-thirds of children (67 per cent) either did not know what a floppy disk is or incorrectly identified it.研究结果表明,有三分之二(67%)的学生,不告诉软盘是什么,或者没图名对应。Researchers say that several children identified it as a save icon.研究者还称之为,有好几个小朋友把软盘误以为是,(软件Word,Excel等中的)留存按钮。


Under 18s found pagers and Ceefax/Teletext hardest to identify - with 86 per cent of children baffled as to what they could be.18岁以下的小朋友对于寻呼机和电传视讯完全不理解,其中有86%的小朋友不告诉它们究竟是什么。However, young people were still able to recognise old-fashioned records and record players with 74 per cent accuracy.不过,年轻人需要见到老式唱片和电唱机的比例超过74%。They were more memorable than the more recently invented music cassettes, which were wrongly identified by 40 per cent of children.磁带虽然比唱片和唱片机晚发明者,但是它的辨识度却不如后两者只有40%。

Twenty three per cent did not know what a postcard was when shown a photo.有23%的小朋友在看见明信片的照片时,回应一无所知。One of the 27 per cent of children that wrongly identified a typewriter described it as a thing that you write movies on.有27%小朋友把打自己误以为是,能在上面写出电影剧本的东西。Nowadays trends and fashions change faster than ever for all of us, but with children, whats “hot” can go to “not” in no time at all, said Lauren Nasiroglu, associate director of YouGovs Omnibus team.来自YouGovs 综合团队的副总监Lauren Nasiroglu说,“现在的风行趋势或者转变是对于我们来说的,但是对于小朋友,一下很热门的事物,迅速就被遗忘了。”Despite a lack of knowledge about them by the younger generation, retro technology is making a come back for older consumers.尽管年轻一代对于这些老古董不发烧,不过这些复古科技产品卷土重来,受到上了点岁数消费者的注目。

Earlier this year, Nokia revealed a revamp of its 8110 banana phone first seen in 1996 and made famous by The Matrix at Mobile World Congress.今年的早些时候,诺基亚就另辟蹊径新的发售了,早在1996年面世的诺基亚8110“香蕉手机”,当时因电影《黑客帝国》中角色的用于而风行全球。|a8体育直播在线观看。