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【a8体育直播在线观看】BBC News – Samsung Electronics has reported a 50% profit surge in its guidance for the fourth quarter despite the fiasco with its flagship Note 7 phone. The earnings estimate is higher than analysts predicted and would mark its highesa8体育直播在线观看t quarterly profit since 2013.?BBC新闻 – 三星电子发布四季度盈利预期获得50%的大幅度快速增长,尽管它的旗舰产品Note 7手机失利。盈利预期低于分析师预计,标志着三星自2013年以来的最低季度盈利。The strong results are due to Samsungs semiconductor and display businesses. The South Korean tech giant said it expected to post 9.2tn won ($7.8bn) in operating profit for the months from September to December. In an earlier profit forecast for the fourth quarter, Samsung had said it expected the Note 7 recall would mean a $2.1bn hit to their profits.强大的业绩得益于三星的半导体和显示器业务。

这家韩国科技巨头说道,预计第四季度袭港9.2万亿韩元(合78亿美元)营业利润。此前的四季度盈利预估中,三星说道,预计Note 7解任意味著不会对其盈利导致21亿美元的压制。The company first issued a recall for the Galaxy Note 7 in September following complaints about exploding batteries. After replacement devices deemed safe were also found to overheat and catch fire, the company scrapped the phone entirely.三星9月份因电池发生爆炸的滋扰首次宣告解任Galaxy Note 7。

被指出安全性的更换手机也被找到不会短路和起火后,公司就完全荒废了这款手机。When you look at the headlines over the last couple of months its always been about exploding batteries and doom for Samsung, Bryan Ma, technology consultant with IDC said.“当你看过去几个月的头条新闻时,总是在说道三星电池发生爆炸,厄运当头的事。”国际数据公司的技术顾问布赖恩.马说道。

But weve got to keep in mind that thats not their only business - whats really driving these earnings is strong demand for memory and displays. And they are really, really profitable businesses.“但我们得录着,那并不是他们唯一的业务 – 确实推展盈利的是对存储器和显示器的强大市场需求。这些业务知道知道很赚。

”Samsung said that it will very soon share details of its inquiry into the cause of the Note 7 problems. The company will disclose a detailed earnings release for the quarter in late January which will give more insights into the performance of its individual businesses.三星说道,将“迅速”发布对Note 7发生爆炸问题原因的调查下文。公司将在一月末透露详尽上季度财报,这将让人们对其各个业务的展现出有更加多了解理解。-a8体育直播在线观看。